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we grow attached to our prisons

10 May 1984

i don't write much here but i read what others write fairly often
..., 43things.com, acting, aim, algorithms, alternative music, analyzing, anxiety, art, bananas, beatles, being compulsive, being in control, biking, books, bubble gum, c++, calculus, calm silence, candide, candy, carebears, cats, chatting, chicken&stars soup, chickpeas, chocolate and mint combined, classical music, climbing trees, college, computer science, computers, conversation, cooking, creating, daria, death for squirrels, depression, discussion, doing nothing without awkwardness, drama, e.t., eating leftovers, eeyore, emo, explodingdog, fire, flute, food, forests, frank the goat, freaks, friends, fun, godel, google, graph theory, gum, guys, hardcore uno, hating the word obvious, having curly hair (sometimes), high places, insanity, intellectuals, java, kick around clothes, learning, life, lipsmackers, lists, literature, livejournal, loneliness, mania, math, metroid, milk, moon on a stick, music, nintendo, office supplies, operating systems, oral fixations, orchestra, paisley, pasta, penn state, people, perfection, performing, philosophy, photography, pickles, plays, plone, pooh bear, procrastinating, programming, pseudorandomness, psychology, public transportation, punk rock, python, quizzes, radiohead, randomness, reading, realism, reason, sarcasm, semicolons, sitting on the roof, skepticism, slacking, smurfs, spontaneity, stars, stuff, support, swimming, taking things apart, talking, text files, the internet, the offspring, the simpsons, theater, thinking, time, trespassing in construction sites, understanding, waiting rooms, water, weezer, words, writing, wrought iron, y, yellow, you, your mom